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Are there any web applications that exist which aggregate events posted on third-party sites run by local artists, clubs, schools?

I find hundreds of event sites which store the information in their central database, but the problem with this model is:

  • they make it difficult to get events listed so their content is limited
  • if the organizer of the event cancels or changes the time/location/content, these sites are not informed and continue to post out-of-date information

I'm looking for a site which would run like this:

  • small restaurant puts acoustic guitar concert for Friday night on their own website
  • our Kindergarten is having a bake sale so I post it on my site
  • Phil Collins is in town and is listed on the TicketMaster website
  • the local high school lists all of their sporting events on their website
  • all of these events show up automatically on aggregate website simply because at some previous time the above websites have registered once as a trusted event feed site.

Does anyone know of a site like this that exists?

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You have exactly described the rationale for the elmcity project!


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yes the idea came from your recent interview with Phil Windley, itc.conversationsnetwork.org/shows/detail4684.html, the idea makes a lot of sense of course, I didn't catch from the interview that sites were up and aggregating yet, and when I look at e.g. elmcity.cloudapp.net/services/AroundAtlanta I see a lot of technical information and a box that seems to be displaying real events, but are there actual sites that are displaying this information for the end-user and not the technical developer? And how would I start a site like this for Berlin, Germany? –  Edward Tanguay Oct 7 '10 at 23:51

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