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I never heard about Google Notebook but apparently there is one.

Google.com just show some of their applications.

I wonder if there is a site/list showing all their products free to use?


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Google have several lists of their products:

  • On http://google.com, you will see 5 or so of Google's most popular products on the top left.
  • If you click the "More" link, you will see the next 10 or so popular products.
  • Click "Even more" and you will see 50 additional products on this page.
  • Click "Labs" (on the right) to get to this page, which shows 7 pages (about 63 total) of products that Google is currently developing.

However, you won't see Google Notebook listed on any of these pages since it is a discontinued product.


Google Notebook has been discontinued, and I don't think you can access it anymore unless you are a legacy user. I do not find it very useful, personally (but I have been an enthusiastic Microsoft OneNote user for years). Google Bookmarks and Google Docs has replaced it.

Anyway, here's a list of Google products.


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