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I have enough music that it's not practical for me to move hard drives around. I've attempted to use Rhythmbox as my server but the amount of time it takes to download the library contents hits some sort of timeout over a tethered 3G connection.

I'm thinking that there's some web-based interface that I could run at home and use that to stream my music. Does that exist? Does it allow for searching in the catalog? Bonus points if it scrobbles automatically and allows editing of id3 tags.


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Jinzora – MDMarra Sep 7 '10 at 2:23

Subsonic is what I like. It even allows me to stream to my phone.


I know Winamp offers that feature through winamp.orb.com, but then you'd have to try to get Winamp running in WINE from the 'linux' tag on your post.


Music Player Deaemon (mpd) might not be exactly, what you are looking for, but it runs on a server (and indexes all the meta data). You can define different kinds of output ranging from several lokal sound deaemons to mp3/ogg shoutcast. Some of the clients alow automatic scobbling and remote ID3 tagging... Using gnome, gmpc might be a good place to start testing the clients. With this setup, you can stream your music to any number of clients...

Your setup might look like:

Server: runs mpd and holds your music library and sends music via Icecast (OGG-stream)

Client: runs gmpc for editing id3, managing playlists and auto scrobling.... Some very basic player (like ogg123) to stream the music.


Check out Firefly at http://www.fireflymediaserver.org.


Tonido is excellent, as you can stream your music and so much more for free (stream videos, access documents or photos, or access your desktop directly).


zeya: http://web.psung.name/zeya/

All you need is a ordinary browser with html5-support. No extra apps, no flash, no java. Pure html.


if you would like to have your collection online you can use amazon cloud player!

you get 5 gigabytes free off the bat, and if you buy 1 album from amazon mp3 you get automatically upgraded to 20 gig

this service works great on the web player. I have not tried the android app yet.

I do not know if there is a iPhone app yet but I assume it is on the way

this may not be the same kind of answer as above but it is a possible solution to your question

EDIT: The option to upgrade to 20GB is no longer available anymore.