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I'm running a beta test, and I need some way of managing my beta testers. Are there any apps out there that will allow me to:

  • Add a number of users
  • Send them messages both individually and in bulk
  • Provide a method for them to send me feedback and discuss suggestions among themselves

I've not found anything that fits the bill so far.

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How is the "beta-testers" use-case distinct from other mailing-list needs? Everything you have above sounds like standard email scenarios. –  Michael Paulukonis Oct 12 '10 at 14:09

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Feedback and suggestions can be implemented using UserVoice
Google Groups will give you all the other stuff you need.

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I really like UserVoice. I noticed that Spotify is using getsatisfaction.com, which looks to be a very similar service. UserVoice will give you an open forum for free, but I guess you probably want a private one for beta testing, which is a service both sites charge for. –  Mike Houston Oct 12 '10 at 15:13

I use gMail for communication with a beta-group.

To maintain privacy, the mail is sent to myself (<address>+betagroup@<host>.com) while individual addresses are hidden by entering the group-name as a bcc: (gMail then fills in the fields with all of the individual address; hence the bcc:)

This does NOT allow for inter-group communication, however.

I've been meaning to switch over to a private google-group for.... a year now? heh.

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