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I'm looking for a simple Quiz / MCQ webapp.

It should be as simple as possible :

  • One question and multiple possible answers
  • Results displayed at the end of the quiz
  • database storage of the results with grades
  • Could be online or to install on a local webserver

Limesurvey, which I tried, isn't properly suited because it's a survey tool ! Moodle is too complex for this simple task.

Any hints ?

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We ended up choosing Quiz creator.

It's not the perfect choice as you still have to install a local client to create the quiz, it's not cheap either.

I'm still open for any suggestions.

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Visit http://testspot.net

An educational website, where users can find the following things:

1. Users take their MCQS based skills assesment themselves. 
2. Participate in competitions
3. Users create their own groups/test and competitions and invite others to join.
4. Send a public mesage at public wall
5. Private messaging
6. Forums  
8. Funstuff
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You could use a form on a Google Spreadsheet. That's what our HR department did to give quizzes on some training.

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Thanks, but unfortunately Google Spreadsheet with forms does not allow to give a score to the end user (Congrats you have 14/20 right answers). –  kevin Oct 12 '10 at 15:12

Polldaddy announced a quiz tool a couple of months ago which is simple to use. SurveyMonkey also gives the option to create quizes though you have to do the grading manually.

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Have you taken a look at Online Quiz Maker from Atrixware? Looks like it may be a fit for what you need.

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