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I noticed that Google Docs Viewer could not open (the progress bar halts) some of my .DOC files that were over 12 MB while some documents which were in about 5MB opened fine. Is there a file size limit for documents that the Viewer can open?

On a related note, is there a way to see the file size in the file listing on the opening screen itself? If that was the case, I would rather not open very large files with Google Docs Viewer.

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File limits are listed here: http://docs.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=37603

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Thanks but this is not what I'm looking for. When you upload documents (PDFs or .DOCs) & try to view them within Google Docs, they will open if the files are of a few MBs. In my case, I wasn't able to view a 12 MB Word .doc file. I see the progress bar as it tries to fetch the document but the activity stops after a few minutes without even displaying any message. It appears that the Viewer cannot handle documents beyond a particular file size. So my question is, what is the maximum size of files that Google Docs Viewer can process? – mvark Oct 12 '10 at 15:35

There are no limits for displaying PDF/DOCs using gviewer as far as know. I tested with up to 50MB and it was working.

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I have been logging results upon opening bulky files. A 27MB PDF could not be opened - it shows a message "No preview available" & a download link is available for that file. My guess is, any PDF with size > 25MB cannot be viewed within Docs Viewer. When attempting to view a 39MB .doc file, I got the warning "Sorry, we are unable to scan this file for viruses. The file exceeds the maximum size that we scan. Download anyway". I've noticed that .DOC files with size > 10MB can be viewed in Chrome but may not show up in Firefox. – mvark Jun 14 '11 at 18:39

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