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I would like to search the internet for specific mentions of a URL in the HTML source code - which is used inside an embed but not mentioned in the text rendered on the page and is not used as a link either.

Note: This is not a text link, this URL will be mentioned in the HTML source code only, not mentioned on the page, so google searching for it doesn't find it. A good example would be a youtube embed url - how do I find sites that contain that embed?

Is there a tool for this online or would you have to write a web crawler to do it?

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If its a link then its usually a href. A link can be an image, text etc. Links can also be included in flash, java, and written by javascript.

If you are searching for sites that link to your site... you can do the following google search:


this will search for anysite that has a link to wix.com on google.

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I am aware of those type of tags but what I am looking for is for example lets say I want to search the web for any webpages which have the following: <script scr="abcd-program.js"... –  NetConstructor.com Jun 18 '11 at 18:56
@Net , just work backwards inurl:abcd-program.js filetype:js –  phwd Jun 18 '11 at 20:43

Globalogiq has an HTML code search engine that you can use to find embedded javascript, or anything within HTML source code or headers.

Its not free but does have a free demo so that you can see if your search returns results.

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You can also try meanpath to search within HTML source code. Though it is a commercial product it lets you evaluate their service. As of November 2014, it claims to have indexed pages on 141,670,458 live domains.

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