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I have set up both a personal twitter account and a corporate twitter account. I have my corporate twitter account following my personal account. The idea is that I want everything I tweet to be shown on the "home" page of the corporate twitter account.

I am using various platforms/applications (e.g. inkedIn, Posterous etc) to send tweets under my personal twitter account. However, to my dismay, all of the tweets I have sent from another application, are not being shown on my followers page (i.e. my corporate twitter account).

Is there any special setup that I have to do, so that when I tweet via another app (under my personal account), those tweets are picked up by people following me on twitter (including my corporate account)?

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Is there a reason why you can't have those apps posting to the Corporate Account? I mean, you want everything to go there anyway; I'm not clear on the purpose of having two accounts. –  Al E. Oct 15 '10 at 13:42

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One method would be to automatically retweet everything by the one account. A quick web search shows that there are multiple ways of accomplishing this. One way is using Yahoo! Pipes. (An example of how to do that: http://hubpages.com/hub/How-to-automatically-retweet-on-Twitter-using-Yahoo-Pipes-and-Twitterfeed-auto-RT-explained)

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You would have to Re-Tweet them. Just because your corporate account is following your personal account, doesn't mean anyone else will see your personal tweets.

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