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What is a good .NET based blogging engine?

And why would you recommend it.

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good how? Can you rephrase so that this question can be answered in an objective manner? – Rebecca Chernoff Oct 19 '10 at 17:43
@rchern - I was originally asking for a 'recommendation', but changed it to 'good' because it was more concise and communicated pretty much the same thing. – John MacIntyre Oct 21 '10 at 1:58
But "good" might depend on what criteria you have, and someone might recommend based on their own. – Mark C Oct 22 '10 at 22:04
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Try BlogEngine.Net. If I recall, it can also be installed by the Web platform Installer. Other features (quoted from the product page):

  • Multi-author support
  • Pingbacks and trackbacks
  • Event based for plug-in writers
  • Theming directly in master pages and user controls
  • Gravatar and coComments implemented
  • Live preview on commenting
  • Comment moderation
  • BlogML import/export
  • Extension model
  • Code syntax highlighting
  • Mono support
  • Full editing and creation of pages that are not posts
  • Extended search capabilities
  • Tag cloud
  • Self updating blogroll
  • Runs entirely on XML or SQL Server. Your choice.

And it's completely open source. I self compiled the version I used.

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I used dasBlog because it was really easy to customize, install, and it didn't need a database.

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I would recommend Subtext. It can be easily installed using Web Platform Istaller. Subtext is an open source project licensed under the BSD license.

It's designed and written by Phil Haack who is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft responsible for ASP.NET MVC.


  • Database storage for blog content
  • Unlimited blogs
  • Multiple categories per blog post
  • Tag support
  • Keyword expansion
  • Plugin-based post editor (includes FCKeditor and FreeTextBox)
  • MetaWeblog API support
  • RSS 2.0/ATOM 1.0 syndication
  • Comments
  • Comment spam prevention
  • Skins
  • Single author per blog
  • Single blog host administrator
  • Trackback/pingback support
  • BlogML import/export for content
  • Search engine friendly URLs
  • Image gallery
  • Linkroll
  • Gravatar and Identicon support
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