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I'm planning to create an desktop application that will record important dates, names, etc. This application will be used by many people and needs internet access.

The thing is, I don't want to rent a commercial database server, because I lack financial resources. I only want a reliable way to store these records and keep them alive for a long period of time.

Can you recommend a reliable free (preferably) service that offers MySQL server space? Or another way to do this? Like turning Google Docs into a File Server.

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You might consider Amazon's SimpleDB service. If your application is small enough in scale, it would probably be free or effectively free (e.g. less than a dollar per month). You certainly can't beat its reliability, although it won't give you the familiarity of something like MySQL:


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Nothing that is free will be as reliable as something that you pay for. Where is the incentive for the hosting company to keep it going?

This application will be used by many people

How many in total and how many at once? This will be important to any solution as you'll need to choose the solution that will cope with the demand.

The only guaranteed way to get this is to pay for it.

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NearlyFreeSpeech.com has ridiculously cheap mysql hosting. About $7.30/year.

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