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I really enjoyed Etherpad.com while it was around. I know that the owners open-sourced the project, but I am wondering if anyone has adapted the code so that I can have private, everlasting "Etherpads" to use with some co-workers for real time collaboration.

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The source code is on Google Code.

There are a number of clones out there:

  1. MeetingWords
  2. iEtherPad
  3. Sync In
  4. TitanPad
  5. PiratePad
  6. PrimaryPad
  7. Typewith.me
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"Sync In" appears to be what I am looking for-"there's also a pro tier, that for $2 per month (per user) gives teams a custom domain, per-note password protection, and a way to see all their notes in one place. There's also a search tool so you can find specific notes out of your entire library of work." – Oren Hizkiya Jul 1 '10 at 15:09

Another site is http://www.stypi.com

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Very clean, swift and well designed pad, thanks. – 7heo.tk Jun 2 '14 at 22:00

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