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Is it possible somehow to easily use Google Docs as a wiki? I mean, I create a first document, then add a link to another one and so on, so the procedure is easy and fast and the different docs files are easily organized.

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but you have to manually keep track of the urls to the documents. and you have to setup manually the edit permissions per document as well.

consider using sites.google.com.

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Google Docs does not make a good wiki.

  • Optimized for printed page, not viewing online (page margins, document margins)
  • Always in edit mode
  • No mechanism to dynamically embed content or especially lists of documents in another document
  • No friendly URLs for documents
  • Does not link documents nearly as easy as in a wiki (requires interaction with menus/mouse and copying full URLs to documents)
  • Does not support text zooming fully (appears to work, but try it, hit CTRL-+ and some document components often don't display properly. Basic documents work fine.)
  • No cross-document consistent styling
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I noticed one feature in Google Drive that is relevant here:

Link lookup by text: you type in a text for the link, then you select it and press Ctrl+K. A dialog appears with two fields, and the field for the URL has drop-down list with suggestions that match the text. So this allows emulate easily some wiki-like functionality.

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Why don't you add a screenshot? – Jacob Jan Tuinstra Aug 31 '14 at 18:17

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