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I'd like to hide all the "someone likes something" updates on facebook, but I don't want to block those people, as I still want to see status updates, pictures, shared links, and all else.

I just don't what to see what my friends like, and the compulsive "like" from some of them fills up my news feed. All else, ok, but I don't want to see these.

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You can use extension like FBPurity to do that.

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I was expecting on an official solution, but I just tried this extension, and works great! Thanks nanda! – Pablo Oct 26 '10 at 1:21

I don't believe it is possible. You can hide the person completely, but not just their likes. I know you can hide individual apps without affecting the person, but it looks like facebook does not treat "likes" as a separate app.

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You can now hide individual posts, so if you do this enough, Facebook will probably figure out you don't like these stories

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