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I want to give free consultations for people. I need web application that helps me to organize this so users can put requests and I will accept or decline it. Also will be good to have history and ratings for every consultation. Is there something ready made for this?

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I'm not really sure if there's something tailor-made for this, but one way to do it would be to use Google Forms.

Basically, you prepare a form to be filled by your potential customers and it will feed directly into a Google Spreadsheet. It's not the ideal solution but it might do the job until you find something better.

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I am not sure what is your mood of consultation. But if most of your consolation involve chatting with clients online, then there is best solution by a company named liveperson.


It can help you to manage what ratings you get after the chat session is over and can analyze the data.

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Very close, but it's not free for customers. Minimal price $0.50 per minute. – Orsol Nov 4 '10 at 8:33

There is a really neat service that I have tested called AskVisory. Again, this is for phone consults -- I assume you could set up a free consultation in the beginning.

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