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I'd like to schedule a big load of tweets so that they go one after the other at regular intervals (say, about 2 hours). I've seen some sites (like twuffer.com) that allow you to schedule tweets, but it must be done one by one. This is not feasible for my project, I need something more "batch-like".

Ideally what I'm searching for is a site where I can upload (say) a google docs or excel spreadsheet with the texts and desired post dates of all the tweets.

Do you know if anything like that exists?

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Haven't tried it out, but maybe this twitter command line client can help you do the trick

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Yes but this is a standalone application. I am looking for a webapp, if possible. Thanks anyway. – matiash Oct 27 '10 at 19:19
Does this work now? I think it doesn't use OAuth so it probably does not work anymore. – highBandWidth Mar 13 '12 at 19:05

Try Twaiter.

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Pluggio should be able to do what you need but only for RSS feeds as far as I know. If you can create a feed of what you want, should work great.

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I do it with an iMacros macro that sends the tweets via the web interface. Then start it via task scheduler/command line.

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