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Is it possible to send a private message to another Twitter user without having first followed them?

Or can I send a public message directed at an account without being a follower?

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You can send them a public message by posting something with their @username in it. Everyone can read it.

There are private messages, but you can send those only to people who follow you.

If someone is following you, you can send a direct message from the web via the "message" link on the profile page. Please note: you cannot send a direct message to a user who is not following you.

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Some people have their email, phone, address etc... on their twitter page. You could contact them via that.

For a public message to @twitter, you could just tweet @twitter: hey, I'm liking this twitter thing!

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Ask someone who is following him to make a Direct Message (DM). It would be private between the three of you.

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How do you send that 3rd person private msg though? – 太極者無極而生 Oct 28 '10 at 19:55

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