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I used Buxfer to track my finance, but it appears that it is now dying ( last time I checked it was on offline mode). So now I am thinking about getting a new web based personal finance app.

My requirements:

  1. OpenID Support and/ or Google Account support
  2. Entirely web based, with no local storage ( I move from computer to computer)
  3. Accessible via iPhone, and preferably can login via Google account even on mobile device.
  4. Allows me to bulk-import my existing data in either .csv, or ofx, or qif format.

I think that's about it; any recommendation?

Edit: Buxfer has been in offline mode for 2 straight days, and I can't even download my data! Anyone knows what's going on with that website?

Edit: I'm looking for something like Mint or Buxfer, not bill tracking.

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OK here is the list of few.

  1. https://www.billmonk.com/ - openID (facebook)

  2. http://www.mybillq.com/ - OpenID support - no iphone app yet.

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BillMonk supports Facebook Connect, not OpenID. – André Paramés Apr 4 '11 at 0:05

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