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I have an appointment repeating every 4 days. After a certain period, I want to move all future appointment of that event one day. How can I do this?

Let me provide an example to be more clear.

1. 02/01/2016
2. 02/05/2016
3. 02/09/2016
4. 02/12/2016
5. 02/16/2016
6. 02/20/2016

Appointments 1-3 have the regular dates according to the defined schedule. From appointment 4 onwards, I want to move all appointments one day.

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Yes, you can do this...

  1. Edit the event from which the day/date should change (ie. #4 02/12/2016 in the example)

  2. Change the date (eg. advance by one day), change the repeat frequency, etc.

  3. Click Save.

    You then get prompted whether you want "to change only this event, or this and all future events in the series". Click Following events. Note, however, that "any changes [that have been made] to future events will be lost".

Note that this edited series of events are now considered a "new series of events". So, for example, if you went back to event #1 and decided to delete the lot, it would only delete #1, #2 and #3.

(This was tested on the web interface.)

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