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(this is a question I had myself. I eventually found the answer, and hope that by posting it here, someone else will be saved the pain I had)

I have created a number of rules for moving mail into various folders. I wanted to see if I could consolidate some of the rules, as there were a number of senders all of whose mail should be moved to one particular folder.

The problem was that I couldn't find the Rules page!

I thought it had something to do with Options, so I clicked Options->More options.

There's an entire page of options, but I couldn't see anything that had to do with moving mail.

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There are two ways to get to the rules page:

  • On the left pane, where it says, Inbox, Folders, Quick Views, and Messenger, if you hover your cursor over Folders, a cog will appear in the highlighted area. Click the cog and go to Manage Rules.

  • You can click on Options > More Options > Customizing Hotmail > Rules for sorting new messages

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I finally located the correct page, under "Rules for sorting new messages". It's on ManageRules.aspx.

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I encountered this situation when I accidentally set a rule for my supervisor's work email address. Every time she'd email me, it'd go directly to the deleted folder.

To solve this, I went to upper right and clicked on the "lightning bolt" looking icon, clicked more mail options, under CUSTOMIZING OUTLOOK there's an option for "rules for sorting new messages", and I clicked on that. I then clicked on where I had seen her name/email and deleted it. That deleted the rule and I was able to get all of her emails now.

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