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I remember Jeff Atwood (@codinghorror) had posted a tweet about a new website, but I can't seem to find the link.

Is there any way I can search within someone's tweets to find that link?

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Remy Sharp wrote a website application that will search your, or someone else's tweets without the limitations Twitter imposes so you can search far further back in time. It's at http://snapbird.org/.

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+1 for no time limitations –  phwd Jul 1 '10 at 16:30
Is there a way to use it without twitter account? –  kinokijuf Mar 25 '14 at 21:42
Agree with kinokijuf it's pretty suspicious why they need your login details for this, even if "We will never post to your account. Promise." –  geotheory Sep 20 '14 at 7:51

There is an answer to the same question on superuser.com that you can reference.

Jonathan Sampson's answer from that post:


from:username tax

Or use google:

site:twitter.com/username tax
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Twitter has an advanced search form that you can use.

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Also note that Twitter does not retain an infinitely long history of messages, you may not be able to find a Twitter message from the past.

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If you can remember what the site was about or a word or two from the tweet, twitter has an advanced search which allows you to specify a user's tweets to search

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