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How can I sync Diigo with my Chrome browser bookmarks without having to manually import/export continuously?

Before you mark it as a duplicate again, please read the question carefully and realize that it is a distinct and different question than my question about syncing Diigo with Google Bookmarks. Google Bookmarks and Chrome browser bookmarks are not the same thing. If this is in fact a duplicate of some other post can you let me know before closing it because I can't find any other post that covers this question.

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I don't believe you can.

You can have an RSS feed that could be accessed in Chrome using an extension. Or you could cobble something together yourself - perhaps by using the RSS feed into a blog (WordPress maybe) and then having some scripts to do the final sync - however, I'm not convinced it would work. Chrome is very tight on security and I doubt it would let you easily script the uploading of bookmarks. Perhaps something like AutoHotKey would let you do it.

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