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Whenever I send a mail from myaccount@mydomain.com to a gmail account, gmail treats it as spam.

I'm talking about the one e-mail I send to a prospect after I've met him (it is surely non-spam mail). It's happend several times already:

"Hey!, you never sent that e-mail you promised me" the prospect says.

"How come...? I did send it. Check the spam e-mail" I answer.

"Oh, there it is..."

I think it has to do with mydomain.com not being a well-known domain.

How/Where should I complaint about this?

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Jeff Atwood had a really good post on things to do to help your email get through. This made a huge difference for the company I work for. Some highlights:

  1. Make sure the computer sending the email has a Reverse PTR record.
  2. Configure DomainKeys Identified Mail in your DNS and code.
  3. Set up a SenderID record in your DNS.
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This page might be helpful to you:


While it applies to bulk-mail messages, there is quite a bit of information about why messages can be marked as spam. I don't know anything about your specific information, but hopefully you'll be able to see something that will be helpful.

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