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I have a personal Gmail account, and a business Google Apps account. Throughout the day I am logged into both mail interfaces in my browser (Gmail and Google Apps Mail). With the fairly new feature of being able to log into multiple Google Accounts at the same time, this is an easy task.

Recently, I was added to a Google Group for something. The user invited me to the group via my Google Apps email address. Now when I visit the Google Group, it will not allow me to view it, because it thinks I'm trying to access the Group using my Gmail address, which is not the address I was invited to the group with.

The only way I can see the access the group is if I log out of my Gmail account and am only logged in with my Google Apps account. Then I can access it just fine.

However, even then, if I log back into my Gmail account and refresh the Group page, it kicks me out again, thinking that I'm again trying to access it using my Gmail account.

So I do I fix this? Is there some way to choose which Google Account you want to use when accessing a Google Group?

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Google groups does not support multiple sign in. Because of this, it should use whatever account you logged into first in your current browser session. (The one marked as default in the account dropdown in gmail)

If this is not the behavior you are seeing, that would seem to be a bug, since it goes against the information on their official help topic.

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You can associated multiple email addresses in a Google Account, which should allow you to "transfer" the invite over to your other address.

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Adding your googleapps account under gmail->settings->multiple sign-on may do what you want

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Is that still there? I cannot see it –  mplungjan May 6 '13 at 14:16

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