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How can I add multiple tags on codepen.io?

When I use the write page, in the Tags box, I don't understand how to put multiple tags and not only one tag.

Here a screenshot for my problem:

codepen tags

Like you can see it puts all the tags together (html css js php tag5 tag6 etc) rather than listing them separately (html css js php tag5 tag6 etc).

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You'll want to separate them with commas for them to be separated tags, for example: html, css, js, php, tag5, tag6, etc


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Thanks! You have help me – Mattew Developer May 4 at 13:52
@MattewDeveloper: If this answer solved your problem, please consider using the checkmark to "accept" it. Accepting an answer acts as a signpost to future readers who have the same question. More information in the Help Center: What should I do when someone answers my question? – Al E. May 4 at 13:57

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