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Is there a way to forward a Google Calendar invite sent to my work email (either before or after I have confirmed that I will attend) to my private Google Calendar?

I get invites to meetings emailed to my work email (which has no Gmail association at all). Right now I have to copy the information by hand if I want to get it transferred.

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If it has the ics file attached to the email, then you could import it into Google: http://www.google.com/support/calendar/bin/answer.py?answer=37118

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Or, you can install Calify, which will allow you to open *.ics files in Google Calendar directly.

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Click "Add to calendar" link

There's also an add to calendar button link below event details. This will let you add the event to an alternate Google Calendar/Account.

This is same as using the .ics file attached to the invite email.

Note: yyou will not be able to RSVP using this method.

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Have you tried Google Calendar Sync?

Is your work email / calendar Outlook / Exchange?

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