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I tried updating my status using twitter.com and I cannot get the location feature attached to tweet again. Last month I was in North America and geo-location worked great. Now I have moved for vacation to the Caribbean (Trinidad and Tobago) and I cannot get it to work. First time it tried to find it, resulted in location not available.

In the settings Tweet Location is set to Add a location to my tweets.

Of course on geo-aware apps like Tweetie and so forth I can get it to work. I tried setting it manually using a Command Tweet

SET LOCATION trinidad and tobago

No luck. Is there a Solution ?

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Check out the location awareness help pages on Twitter:


Right at the bottom it says that it only works in the US right now.

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ah hah . :( ... well I guess its Tweetie for Life then. – phwd Jul 7 '10 at 19:42

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