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Is there any website where I can plan every hour of the day and also assign the task to a category to see how much time is spent on each category

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Timeslot.me is imo a good tool to fullfill the first part of your request, ie well-thought daily planning web app :

Simply add items to your day's agenda, and specify how long each will take. Timeslot will automatically generate start and end times for each item, so when you have to make a change, your entire agenda will update to flow around it

... but you can't assign category to entered tasks.

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Have you had a look at Tom's Planner? While it presents like a Gantt chart, it is possible to set it up to use as a daily schedule and work with categories.

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Then I guess Google Calendar wouldn't do ?...

As for organizers, I think Tracks is really great. You can find it here: http://www.rousette.org.uk/projects/ And if you want an installer that makes it all really easy,and multi platform, you can use bitnami track installer.

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