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So with the slow roll out of the new Facebook Messaging Platform, I was wondering how possible it would be to obtain these email addresses for use in my Gmail and iPhone contact list finally closing up on my Phonebook question.

I read that these email addresses use the username you picked for your vanity url if you chose one. So facebook.com/boy should be boy@facebook.com. How would one be able to get these addresses (This question mainly goes out to those that already have the Messaging Platform enabled) ?

I am not worried about disabled/enabled addresses because I know that those that are not enabled are bounced back (Tried checking my own).

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I don't think this is possible .....yet.

This is taken from the Developers section on Facebook. It appears that they are gradually releasing the API information regarding the new Messaging Platform and only to registered Developers.

Please note: We are in the process of making the new messages system available to all users, at which point this API will replace the /inbox/ graph API endpoint. We are providing early access to this API for registered developer accounts only until the new messaging system is broadly available. You should use the /inbox endpoint for production applications at the current time.

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