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Are there some knowledge base\technologies\algorithms\practices\applications which can help in struggling internet-vandalism?

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The only sure fire way is moderation. Now whether that's pre-moderation of all posts by a few people (or just one) or post-moderation by the other users of the site will depend on the amount of traffic.

For a low volume site, pre-moderation is OK, but if you've got a lot then there's no way you can keep on top of it all.

Post-moderation allows you to take advantage (in the nicest possible way) of your users' desire to make the site a success. They'll down-vote, edit or remove "bad" content as a group, with no one person having to do too much.

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It depends on what you define vandalism as. If you're vandalism is spam based (example: bot's coming to your sites and advertising warez), adding things like reCaptcha, requiring them to create and verify accounts, and having strong form validation techniques might help you.

But if your vandalism is caused by jerks that like to annoy people, the techniques Chris suggests are very good. A strong community that cares about the site is more than happy to help you moderate comments.

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If you are not on a wordpress hosted site, considering using the Disqus comment system for your site. Disqus has their own system of account creation and submission, which helps keep the spam bots out. In addition, you get some additional features such as a commenter profile and comment promotion/voting, which WordPress is still slowly implementing.

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