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I want to create a blog for non programmer + non technical person. requirements are:

  1. It should be free
  2. It should be easily maintainable.
  3. custom designing should be one of the feature.
  4. URL should be one I select, I don't want to go for blogger OR Wordpress.

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From a print shop sign:

Cheap, quick and of good quality: Pick any two

Buy a domain and use it at http://wordpress.com.

If you want to have your custom URL (e.g., http://abcblog.com), you'll have to pay a small fee (around 10$ a year) for a domain. You can use this domain name at wordpress.com to create a highly customizable Wordpress blog, which is quite easy to maintain. Another benefit of using the wordpress platform is that if and when your blog grows, you can easily transfer it to an independent platform.


Just to amplify here: As far as I know you can have your own domain pointing to a blog hosted at wordpress.com. You are unlikely to get a free domain name but many can be purchased very cheaply from some of the big name providers. – quickly_now Nov 22 '10 at 8:29

I don't know of anyone that gives away URL's for free (item 4 on your list). It typically costs money to register a domain name (URL). Also, custom designing for free? That takes time, skill, and equipment and people charge for it. Maybe you want a free computer to put it on, with free internet access?

@Everett I meant not completely custom URL – abc Nov 22 '10 at 8:18
@abc - Respectfully, is there a reason that you are going out of your way to NOT use the easiest two recommendations (blogger or Wordpress)? I'm asking so that I can understand what it is about them you don't like. In effect you have said you want an easy to work with, inexpensive, vendor supported, operating system that isn't Windows, Mac, or Linux. – Everett Nov 22 '10 at 8:23

There is always tumblr.com and posterous.com for the purpose

I did not personally use posterous.com but tumblr.com is very good and also allows custom URL for free . Example: http://clientsfromhell.net or http://blog.iphone-dev.org/


I have signed up for hosting at Bluehost.com ($7/month)--if you purchase an annual rate, you also get a free domain. I understand this process isn't free but it's pretty inexpensive.

Then in the cPanel, you can easily install Wordpress on the domain. If I understand right, you didn't want to use Wordpress because you couldn't control the domain, but this allows you to do that.

I have set up Wordpress on a custom domain for a number of non-technical people and they have picked it up very quickly. Also there are countless free Wordpress themes which make it easy for non-technical people to control the design.