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I would like to do a search query and filter out all results from www.foo.com. How do I do that?

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This may help: (From this site: http://www.greghughes.net/rant/HowToExcludeADomainFromYourGoogleSearchResults.aspx)

"Note the "minus sign" that precedes the site: search operator in this case. That's how we tell Google to exclude the site/domain specified.

So there you have it. Want to exclude a domain from your search term? Just specify the domain with "-site:" and you're all set.

But what if you don't want to specify the domain to exclude every time by hand? In that case, set up a Google Custom Search Engine (http://www.google.com/coop/cse/) and specify during setup that you want your custom search engine to include results from the entire Internet. Then, after your search engine has been created, go to the Control Panel, choose the "Sites" tab, and from there you can specify as many domains as you like to exclude from every search. You'll get a custom search engine that you can tweak to your heart's content."

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Latest addition, you can block domains now from your search, see: google.com/reviews/t – pritaeas Aug 15 '12 at 14:13
Domain block is not defunct as part of Google. I have resorted back to -site: as above, but I use a text expander to open up my whole list of domains I'd rather not see. I answered a similar questions here: webapps.stackexchange.com/questions/30198/… – EFH May 30 '14 at 18:45

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