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I order things from several different sites. Is there a site where I can forward all my purchase reciepts to, to help me track which items are on route to me ?

What I'm thinking of is:

  1. I setup an auto-forward in gmail from all the sites I purchase stuff
  2. This site parses the orders
  3. I get reminded X weeks after my order to check the status
  4. I can view my incoming items

Is there a site for this?

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See here. If you are using any of the biggest shipping companies, you can simply load all the tracking numbers into a single Google query.

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I've found this site as mentioned on Gizmodo.

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Not necessarily. TripIt does a good job of handling receipts from hotels & airlines, without there being a standard format. –  ripper234 Nov 29 '10 at 17:55

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