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If I share a Google calendar with a friend and add events to it, is there some way that I can set reminders for those events in his instance of that calendar?

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Google Calendar does not automatically send reminders for events. Only when a reminder has been set will a reminder be prompted.

You can't set a reminder for individual users; you can only set reminders for the event which will prompt anybody who has access to a shared calendar.

To set a reminder:

  1. Click on the event.
  2. Click on Edit event.
  3. Go to Reminders and click Add reminder.
  4. If the default options aren't suitable (managed in your calendar settings) select your preferred reminder type from the drop-down box and enter the time and minutes/hours/days, etc. option from the second drop-down box.
  5. Save your event.
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Google calendar automatically sends emails reminding you and the other involved people about the event, It reminds you some time before and then 5 or 10 minutes before the event. But if you double click on the event where you write all the event specifications and add your friends emails there is a part that says reminders there you can program when you want the reminders to be sent.

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