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We're a small customer support (3 people), mainly interacting via mails (~100 mails per day).

We're currently using GMail with canned (standard) responses - but the major flaw is that I cannot easily search through canned responses - we currently have around 20 canned responses, and it starts becoming quite unhandy.

We're looking for a tool that

  1. lets us easily write new "canned responses"
  2. lets us search through all the canned responses (knowledge database)
  3. ideally also suggests canned responses based on the mail text
  4. can be somehow integrated with Jira (our bug tracking tool)
  5. has either built in stats, or an API or a database that can be queried to do some automated stats (which canned response was used how many times)

The tool could either be

  • offered as a service or
  • installed on one of our Linux/windows servers
  • integrated into our MS Exchange/Outlook environment
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We are happily using ZenDesk for this. Previously we used a shared imap folder and a thunderbird extension called QuickText that allowed us to sort the responses we had into sane hierarchies. (we kept a copy of our master quicktext list out on a server that everyone pointed the plugin to, so new entreies were picked up everytime you started TB.) Another solution some of our support folks love is Text Expander. (I'm sure there are a handfull of window's equivalents.)

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We are now using ZenDesk since 2 weeks and we added about 200 canned responses (using Macros as they call it). We are very happy with ZenDesks usability (search in canned responses). Only downside was that administrating so many macros is a bit painful - we are now doing that in a Google Spreadsheet and syncing to ZenDesk using curl in a python script :-) – Philipp Keller Jan 31 '11 at 17:39

You can get some of this functionality using the product Yesware. It works with Gmail and Google Apps, and has an excellent browser extension.

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