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how do I delete Google plus pictures from my profile?

**so this is actually a way to delete ALL your google plus photos from your google profile and from your Android phone because they ARE linked. this is not the traditional route but it worked for me so i want to SHARE :] <3

  2. Look for a little house on the left that says HOME
  3. Now on the Far right side you will see "Upload new photos"
  4. now the red "Google +" should be on the left, next scroll ALLL the way down to the end of the page, ALL the way down to "Disalbe Google + ,You can disable Google+ (or delete your entire Google profile)". Now were not going to disable it we just need to go there for now. So CLICK on the blue word that says "Here".
  5. Then after you click on the word "here", CLICK on "Delete Google Content" then you will see in blue letters "Picasa Web Albums",CLICK on "Picasa Web Albums"
  6. You are now on Picasa Web site, so now on top in Blue letters it should say "My Photos" so CLICK on that. then CLICK on "Scrapbook Photos". then go to "ACTIONS" then scroll down and CLICK on "Delete Album" and there! ALL your google photos are ALL GONE even the Annoying ones on your Android phone :-]

oh yeah and i have to plug in my dogs youtube videos on youtube ;] its www.youtube.com/user/IcePrincess619