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Paradroid is on the right track. If you look at the feed of new submissions, you'll see a mix of synths and panoramas being uploaded. On that same page, you can filter to only view photosynths or only view panoramas. Ever since photosynth.net was launched in August of 2008, people who were new to Photosynth almost universally always started out by ...


If you only need a static visual representation, maybe Wolfram Alpha? http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=cuboid+30x20x10mm


Export/save in Autocad to the X3d format, upload that to your site, and use a VRML plugin for any of those listed players to view the file. Which means providing a link on the page for others to download the plugin so they can do the same thing.


I guess it just seems like that as more panoramas are being submitted. The site says that it is for panoramas as well as synths, and the synths are all still there. Example.


You could try Autodesk's Project Butterfly. That looks to be webapp based CAD tool. I'm not sure what kind of export options it will provide though. But, it's free. Taken from: http://butterfly.autodesk.com/blog/what-is-butterfly/ Butterfly is a new and innovative technology developed by the Autodesk Israel team to bring the power of AutoCAD, the ...

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