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I'm not familiar with the @accesskey syntax, but You can use this Userstyle to make access keys defined as HTML attributes visible in Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. There isn't really any general way to reveal access keys defined using Javascript keypress listeners since the system doesn't know what's going ...


The browsers themselves will have "standard" or reasonably standard keyboard shortcuts (backspace for navigate backwards for example), but I wouldn't expect the actual applications to have keyboard shortcuts - standard or otherwise. Why? Because the browser gets to handle the input first, so application developers will need to pick shortcuts that don't ...


I only have experience with text documents from Google Docs, but their accessibility appears abismal, and I must assume the same holds true for presentations. The only way I've been able to get a screen reader to read such a document is with the ctrl + alt + z keystroke (there is supposedly more information on shortcut keys available with ctrl + alt + /, but ...


We don't have any reports of Trello working or not working with screen reader software.

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