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You have to do it manually....


You need to do the following: Click on Albums Click on the album you want add images to select Add or Remove images A Select images for this album pop-up then appears. The boxes on the left allow to add images that are not in albums, or all images. So click on Non-album images, select the ones you want moved into the selected album, then click Save.


Go to the Groups Facebook App, create a new group, (fill out the info, etc), on the screen after you fill out your group info, you'll see a lot of permissions. One which enables Photos and allows you to control who uploads photos to it. Click the box which says something like "Only allow Admins to edit photos". Finish your group, add your friend as an admin ...


You need to change your main account status to public, and then set individual albums to private. Here are more details from the Photobucket help: You can edit your album privacy settings on the All Albums page. Your main account status must be set to Public before you can change the privacy setting of individual albums. See Change your account privacy ...


There is a bit of an update as to how you can achieve this. Go to the album. And select the friend/page you want to tag. Now start clicking away on the photos, if you don't care where in the photo it is tagged you can iterate through a lot of photos this way. Repeat for the rest of the friends. This is tad faster than the original flow of tagging while ...


You have to create a new album with your new photo. Once you have done this go to the existing album that has the picture you want to move. Click the Edit the Album Info link at the bottom of the album Select Edit Photos Find the picture you want to move and in the drop down on the right hand side select the album you want to move it to. Scroll down to ...


Facebook preloads the previous and the next two photos in the album.


There is no special place for you to see all the albums from other users. When you visit a profile's Photo-section you will see those albums that are shared either in Public or with circles you are in, or privately with you. People can change their album settings any time. Photos section in my profile Imagine this: I have been circled by over 466 000 ...


Assuming that the album covers that you're asking about are FB Timeline covers, the image dimensions are 851px by 315px according to information on this page. The same information can be found at this Time Techland article. Facebook has posted some information as well on this help page. The detailed specs include: Cover images must be at least 399 ...


If you want to make your profile picture a photo that you already have uploaded in a different album, Facebook will automatically copy it (without the comments and likes) to the Profile pictures album (there is no other way unless you upload it directly as a profile picture). However, the original picture remains in the original album with all the likes and ...


You should make a list with all your friends in. Then you can tag the list rather than each individual friend.


You could chose to 'Share' the album to your group page (page you manage). Go to Photos on your main page. Select Albums Open the album you would like to share. Got to the end of the album and click on 'share'. Choose 'Share on a page you manage'. Click on 'Post'.


I don't think there is a possibility to do that yet. Facebook is not exactly flickr yet.


There is no publicly available RSS feed. Tweetdeck uses the Graph API to gather all photos from the user and updates the client based on new one received which aren't already in their database. There IS a nice solution for Facebook Groups implemented using Yahoo Pipes (which seems to be old and no longer works). Possibly it can be modified to work with ...

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