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I'm a founder of CircleCI, and obviously I keep an eye on the landscape. Currently, (early 2014) Jenkins is your only option for a multi-stage CI/CD pipeline like this. Obviously, this is a problem that CircleCI will solve in the future!


As Eisb said in the comment the short answer is yes. For more detail keep reading. Assuming you want to (or already) use the Google Apps email service you can point your MX records in your DNS configuration panel to Google servers, BUT your naked domain or WWW sub-domain to wherever you are hosting your webpage. To accomplish this you must have access to ...


You can find all your running instances regardless of region and the cost they incur by going to the Account Activity page of your management console. That dashboard is not real time and does not show one line per instance but it should help if you forget to turn off running instances.


You can select which columns to display by clicking on the cogwheel in the top right corner of the Instance view in your EC2 management console. It will display a list of checkboxes for each instance attribute that you can choose to display or not as a column in the Instance view:

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