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It seems that neither images nor custom menu items work in Sheets Android app at present. I suggest creating a "function menu" within the spreadsheet. For example: Cell A1 says "Select a function" Cell B1 has a data validation rule that restricts the content to the names of functions you have. In my example, they are "insertSomething" and "...


I'm guessing this changed since 2013, since now you can do this: Go to On the sidebar on the left, click "My Play activity". This will bring up a page with all your app ratings and reviews.


You can do this now! Select the cell you want to add a note to. Tap in the blue area and select Note from the menu that appears. A text entry screen will appear. Type in your note and tap OK. Cells with attached notes will have a small black tick in the upper right corner. Select the cell and go to Note like you did in step one to view and edit an exiting ...


In the app settings, go to "Sync and notifications" Under the Notifications heading, there's an option for "Receive text messages" Select "Via the Google Voice app" That worked for me.

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