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The option is found in the Account Playback settings: Click your profile picture and then YouTube settings Click Playback De-select Show annotations on videos Click Save


To make the annotation present for the whole video simply make the annotation span the whole videos length. Though do remember that annotation can be disabled, so this blocking method is not very effective. In fact a lot of people have them disabled by default, so they won't even know that an attempt to hide something was tried. Edit: Since you mentioned ...


I think the ones you mention pretty much cover what is available actually - the only other ones are the node, way and relation parameters for overlaying specific OpenStreetMap objects on the map. I would add though that most of these parameters are considered internal implementation details for use by the OpenStreetMap site itself and you shouldn't really ...


If you use Google's Task List, you could add the message as a Task and add notes to that. "Add to Tasks" is under the "More" menu. It's then added to your tasks, with a convenient link to open the original email message. Then you can edit the task and add information to the "Notes" field.


I would just forward the message to myself, adding whatever notes I wanted in the forwarded message.

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