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SoundCloud without a doubt. No headaches on file sizes Statistics on who viewed it Fast Uploads Track Storage Customizable widget for embedding This is the YouTube for audio :D It’s the stuff.


A service like FetchMP3 creates an MP3 version of the audio in the YouTube video. Other services which can do this include Listen To YouTube and Save YouTube


It's a YouTube bug. According to Google employee ytKeane, it's is a known issue. His or her reply in the Google Product forum is as follows: Thanks for your patience, all. We have been aware of this issue. It should be resolved soon. While this issue is live, please try clearing your browser's cache and cookies, or the workaround: The mute will ...


Wikipedia has a table with different conversions and also the audio related to them. As of Jan 2013 Quality and codecs I'm sure the sound quality might have to do a lot with flash player as well, but I'm no expert on that.


Video2mp3 Caches previously downloaded videos, making it the fastest by far. It is even easier to use with the Firefox addon and preserves file names, MP3 only. There are some ads, but you don't even need to look at the page as the audio download starts automatically. Disadvantages: won’t work with some videos on Vevo, lots of ads. abcyoutube (seems to be ...


From YouTube's Recommended upload encoding settings (Advanced): Bitrate Note that the bitrates below are recommendations for uploads. Audio playback bitrate is not related to video resolution. So it seems audio quality is the same, irrespective of the selected video resolution. However, the audio quality will be as good (or bad) as the original ...


I recently discovered that has a huge library of audio files, podcasts, etc. AFAIK it's pretty simple to upload, too.


Try You usually need to check the "Allow YouTube to collect cookies" option for it to work. I've been using it with my slow DSL service and for things you want to hear and don't care about video, it works great.


If you're looking to post messages from your church, check out


While it's tailored for muscians, Sound Cloud is a really good tool for sharing audio on the web.


Google Listen syncs with Google Reader and creates a special folder called "Listen Subscriptions". You can add podcast feeds to that folder and it will also end up in your Listen on your Android.


I would like to recommend It is a site that offers a feature which is the ability to make your own stream of podcasts. Any time you see a single episode of something you would like to listen to you can Huffduff it which adds it to a podcast stream that you can subscribe to. While this doesn't sound like it answers your question the ...


If you use Dropbox, here's a quick solution using Google Audio Player: Upload audio file to Public folder on Dropbox, and save its public link somewhere. Embed audio player in your blog post with this code (via): <embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="" ...


If you reside in the US you can use Google Voice which seems pretty good for this case. The only idea I have to use it, is calling your own number and playing the file. Ok, it not really a web app if you use it like this.

2 has some interesting properties for podcast aggregation. There is also a fair number of good feeds to find in the catalog.

2 is the big pod index. Site Statistics Podcasts: 84,781 Comments: 243,287 Episodes: 5,701,159


There are various options like VLC, Screamer-Radio, ScreamRecorder.NET, etc. Check out the following answers on Super User for details: Recording Audio from WMP Stream Capture live streaming


I would create the playlist online (it doesn't really matter where) and share that. This solves your problems: It's easy to share and forward to other people. While it doesn't guarantee that they'll play the tracks in the right order it makes it harder for them not to. It doesn't send large attachments around with the e-mail. The only disadvantage is ...


A reddit user, rising_son commented Let's do a test and find out! Got myself a so called "wav" AND an MP3 version of the same track from Beatport (song "feel good" by Maduk). Will re-convert the MP3 version into another wav (for the purpose of importing into ProTools, reconverting it will preserve the lossy nature of the file), and invert it and play ...

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