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Authenticator works even when you don't have any sort of network available for your smartphone. I don't know about your mobile provider, but I don't trust mine to deliver SMS messages in anything that resembles a timely manner. Beyond that, it is more secure, as you've noted.


I don't know where you're located, but in my corner of the world, this is not unusual. If you wish to push text messages, you will need to sign up with an SMS service provider. You can reserve a short, 4-digit number for your services, which is expensive. Or you can reserve a keyword within a 4-digit number. The number is then shared among other services, ...


Google now supports 2-Factor Authentication through a process called U2F. Yubico have made a series of Yubikeys that now support the U2F standard. https://www.yubico.com/applications/fido/ At this time the only browser capable of supporting U2F authentication appears to be Google Chrome.


Google set this as an default value and didn't provide any option to change this settings. BUt you can give this as a product feedback where they will change it based on the number of request


No, as per my knowledge no one can access email from twitter details, even you will not be able to access your email without knowing password of that particular email id.


From Google Help: Removing trusted computers from your list You can remove computers from your set of trusted computers at any time. To do so, sign in to your account and go to your 2-Step Verification settings page. Under the “Advanced” section, you’ll have the choice to remove the computer you’re using at the time or all other computers. If you ...


These are essentially CouchDB authentication related questions, not specific to Couchappy: 1. How do I create additional CouchDB users in Couchappy? You can use Futon to create a new admin account in your Couchdb instance: Go to https://instance.couchappy.com/_utils/ Login as admin Go to configuration At the bottom click on "Add a new section" Section: ...

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