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AFAIK, this isn't possible. Everytime I upload an image, gravatar's system forces me to "crop" it. I believe they just extract the first frame from an animated image. Check this blog post, you can see in the comments where people are complaining about this issue and png transparency too. EDIT: Since there's a bounty for this question, here is a another ...


With Gravatar you just add a new email to your account using sub-addressing and set up a new image attached with each of the different versions of the same email address. E.g. Your base email address is user@example.com, with sub-addressing, this can become any of the following: user+lifehacker@example.com user+candystand@example.com ...


This is not possible anymore without re-uploading the original Twitter Egg image.


You can't. When you select an image for your buddy icon, Flickr will create a copy of it and allow you to play around with that. Not all buddy or profile icons have a corresponding photo page under the account as it may not even be from that Flickr user's album. But, you can at least find out who owns the profile when you hit them up. Their profile ...


A Great post is here. tl;dr Make the cover image 850px315px, cut your profile at 125px125 upload at 200x200px Read the link above, also here, for the full text on what he did. Disclosure: The link these are taken from is not on a page or site owned/operated by myself but rather found through Google. The images are owned by that page and are posted ...


You should take a look at the integrated product set of http://www.123flashchat.com/demo.html and jump to their development documentation. I had the IM installed on my site and saw other click-in products like various graphical chatrooms, mobile editions etc... all controllable via one admin panel and they are all integrated. The admin side is enterprise ...


From Twitter Support (DM): Alex, there is no longer an option to delete - you must upload a new photo to replace the old one. 22 Aug at 22:21 Update 02/06/2012: This is now possible again. And the result:

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