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It's pretty easy to set up email notifications you just enter the email address that you want the notifications to be sent to. Have you checked that the email hasn't been marked as spam - emails are sent from commits-noreply@bitbucket.org you have pushed the changes to the remote server (Bitbucket) and they aren't being pushed to a local repository. the ...


Bitbucket had an "Explore" page for some time, but when they completely changed their design a few months ago, unfortunately they dropped the "Explore" page. I was sad to see it disappear, because at that time, one of my projects was featured there (hand-picked by the Bitbucket team) and gained about 100 followers because of that.


From Admin > Issue tracker settings of your project you are able to add Components, Versions and Milestones. Once you'll add them then you will be able to sort them by these options and can create as many as you wish.


You can change the theme used by following these steps: Log in to BitBucket Navigate to a Repository Click the Admin tab In the top right hand pane select Appearance Settings Choose your highlight style from the drop down (you can preview the new style on the right hand side) Click Save Settings Themes without a white background are: Grey Friendly ...


If you are the last, remaining user in a team and you want to leave the team, you will need to delete the team: At the top-right of the BitBucket website, click on your avatar and then click on "Manage account". Click on the "Account" dropdown menu and click on the team. Click on "Delete account" menu item on the left. Click on the "Delete account" ...


Not the way you're thinking of at least in GitHub. What you could try is have two separate repos with their own access list using Organizations and Teams. When you create teams in GitHub you can also restrict access to certain repositories per team. So you can set up the following: dev-repo - Only add and allow access to developers audit-repo - Only ...


In the meantime (October 2012), Bitbucket completely changed their site design. In the new design, the standard list of your repositories is sorted by activity, displaying the repository with the most recent activity on top. The direct URL is https://bitbucket.org/YOUR_NAME/profile/repositories (example)


You may be able get there part way if the files were added as part of single changeset. The admin interface lets you strip individual changesets, which would undo this. There are a bunch of caveats: Stripping is a convenient way to remove changesets, but it manipulates history. If one strips a changeset that others have already pulled, it's likely to ...


Adding your friend as an admin: You can put him into a group and add that group to your account with admin permissions. See Groups for Providing Access. Quote from the link: Groups for Providing Access When you create a repository, Bitbucket checks to see if the owner's account has any groups with a default permissions (read, write, or admin) ...

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