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I managed to workaround the same problem by enclosing an expression in code syntax, using the backtick (`). `book[/bookstore/@specialty=@style]`


From the dashboard of being signed in, there will be sub-menus of: Overview Pull requests Issues Snippets Click on the "Pull requests" navigation menu item and then click on the "Mine" that appears on that page. You'll see something like the following: That page will list all of the pull requests you've created on Bitbucket. If you can't see that as ...


The easiest way would be to close the duplicates, and cite the original issue. closing #4 as duplicate, see #2 'closing' and 'see' are keywords that automatically change '#4' and '#2' to links for those issues. You can do this in a commit message or when you resolve the issue in the Issue Tracker. More information here: Available commands

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