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Use Google Custom Search to define your own search that will exclude these sites. See this section in the help : How can I exclude sites and pages?.


Peter Steinberger has developed a Chrome and Safari extension called "stackoverflowerizer" that automatically redirects pages on efreedom.com, questionhub.com, etc. to the original StackOverflow page. It will rewrite your Google search results (to link directly to SO), but it won't remove the spam sites from Google.


You can try this GreaseMonkey script. I haven't tried it myself, but it was recently updated, so it should updated a year ago, but it will still work with Google's current results page, although instant search needs to be off. Simply edit the script and add the unwanted sites to the list of blocked sites.


If all you want to do is to prevent yourself from accessing certain domains there are a few options that immediately jump to mind. None of these will stop google returning these sites as results, but you won't be able to access them when it does. Edit your HOSTS file. Configure your router (if your router supports blocking of domains). Use a DNS service ...


There is no hard-and-fast rule of when it gets added to the blacklist. SpamCop uses a complicated, intentionally obscure weighting system (details in SpamCop FAQ item "What is on the list?" Briefly (and oversimplifying), your report(s) alone will not result in a spam source to be added to the list, it takes others to report, as well, and the spam reports ...


Contact your ISP and see if they can/will do anything about it. Buy a domain from a registrar that provides email services that include a mail server on which you can do sender address verification (either you have full admin control over the SMTP server and can install / configure as you wish, or their provided solution allows you, or them, to set up ...


Place an entry in your hosts† file that associates the efreedom.com domain names with the ip-addresses of (say) stackoverflow.com. This won't affect Google's results but clicking them will take you to wherever you have configured. † e.g. C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts on Windows XP.

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