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Via firebug add-on in your browser, you can just inspect the element and change the style. And then store that style in your css file to override the previous style. It will be better if you find that css file or page where the style is written. That's all!


It will work after when your new custom domain is approved from Google Adsense. your Blogspot domain may be approved but custom domain also require Approval.


Click on New Post Then Compose Mode write your code there. just write/paste code there.


Follow Following steps to export your blog entries as xml 1. Go to Settings > Others Tabs 2. Then in Blog tools section click on Export blog 3. A Dialog Box appears, in that clcik on button Download Blog then you can use that xml file at any other blog on blogger, wordpress or any other.


I'm very surprised that the photos are still in your blog after you've removed them from your Google+ gallery - are you sure that it's not just a cached version that you're seeing. What Google have told us is that there is one set of photos, and that they can be accessed from either PWA or Google+ Photos, and of course they can be loaded (but not managed in ...


If you are using Google's Blogger product, then you do not need to purchase web-hosting: Google continues to provide hosting even after you switch to using a custom domain. (This is one of the big differences between it and Wordpress, which insists that you buy hosting for content once you switch to a custom domain.) The main advantage of having a custom ...

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