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I found this very useful: Step 1: Getting an export of your blog's contents The best way to get all of your content out of Blogger is by using a site called the Data Liberation Front. The DL is an engineering team inside Google whose purpose is to make it easier for users to move their data in and out of Google Products (so it's safe!). Go here to ...


Short answer While it's possible to use files stored in Google Drive as website resources at this time it's not officially supported and should not be used for websites that have a lifespan beyond August 31, 2016. Explanation The instructions to publish Google Drive files as website content are in Publish Website Content - Google Drive REST API but ...


That is the link to the Google Drive image viewer, rather than a link to the image itself. If you check the URL for the image when you visit that link, you get an URL like: blob:https%3A// That's not useful. You need to do a little URL manipulation of your original URL to be able to hotlink it. You need ...


From Instructions 1. Go to and create your snippet 2. Navigate to Menu > Share > Embed Code (embeds in an iFrame). 3. Copy the iFrame code into your webpage HTML

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