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You can access the cached version for any page that has been saved by Google with this: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:http://example.com/ Change http://example.com/ to any URL. You can also create a custom search engine to go to cached versions automatically by adding a keyword before the current URL address.


You can use The Wayback Machine to view those pages. Just right click on the Next and Previous, and copy their link locations. Then paste these locations into The Wayback Machine's search bar and hit enter. For example, pasting the link of Previous takes you back to the older version of the page dated May 27, 2009, which lists Bruce Springsteen.


Luckily, someone has already created a userscript that does what you want- it may or may not have been the original asker. Here you go: Resurrect Google Cache & Related links. I realize that the asker has probably already solved the problem, I'm just writing this for posterity.


That page is not cached by Google because it includes the NOARCHIVE directive: <meta name="robots" content="noodp,noydir,all,noarchive" /> That is, the webmasters of http://dailymail.co.uk are requesting Google to not store that page in its cache. I doubt there are other public caches that include that page, because it will mean the cache ignores ...


Search for anything you want in Google then see there's a little down arrow (a triangle) exactly beside every URL shown in search results; click on it and select the option "cached" and the cached copy of that webpage will be shown.


You can sometimes get old versions of a website at The Wayback Machine, however, websites can block this. According to their logs, the site in question was crawled on 22 Jan 2013, although there does not seem to be anything recorded unfortunately (it might have been blocked). Also check the cache at Bing and Yahoo!


Google crawlers do not access password-accessed page, unless the website has been purposefully designed so (see Managing crawler access).


There are several ways of doing this! If you do a regular Google search, in the above image, you can click on the Green arrow () and that will bring up a drop-down mean from which you can selected the Cached version. Secondly, if you are already at a website, and you want to check its' cached version, then you can simply add cache: to the front of the ...


Google Mobilizer provides mobile-friendly version of most webpages. You can adapt this Google Mobilizer Bookmarklet that I wrote from myself to view just the text of web pages or adapt Chrome/Opera's search provider feature to make a URL open automatically with Google Mobilizer. Google Mobilizer will not mobilize a page if the page is already a mobile page, ...


Use the wayback machine. It is on Archive.org, http://archive.org/web/web.php. Archive.org has been crawling the web for a long time, saving pages. In the top center box is the Wayback machine. Put the URL you want to view there (note the Http:// is already there) and if it has taken any snapshots, you will see a timeline at the top of the page showing you ...


To my knowledge, you can’t see older caches on Google, but you could try searching for it on Internet Archive. For that particular page though, there is no available archive for December.


From LifeHacker - The cache links have moved into the actual instant preview itself. All you need to do to get a cached version of a page is mouse over the result, hit the little arrow that expands the page preview, and hit the "Cached" link. If you avoided instant previews like I did, you might never have realized this was there. Bing also ...

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