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Slap it into WolframAlpha (although I still dislike the guess-the-syntax game) Here is what you can use. compute the current value of a historical quantity of money $1000 (1930 dollars) compute historical equivalent value of today's money 1000 current dollars in 1930 convert one historical quantity of money to another $1000 1930 dollars in 1975 http:/...


You can do that with WolframAlpha. 18:30 CEST to GMT+1


EveryTimeZone is a nice webapp that gives you a really quick simple view of the time (you can drag the 'current time' around) in various common time zones


You have to apply an inflation based coefficient, there's an entire site on this topic: However it is not that simple, as the raw convertion is not an indication of the real value of money. So you have to take in account purchasing power:


Try this site, it gives the purchasing power of money for the US and UK going back to 1257


Google currently does not do time conversions but you can always ask Google the current time at a location. Just search for "time in <city>" (e.g. time in london). That is the way I use to quickly get the time in a different location. Of course you still have to calculate the difference yourself. EDIT: I just found out that this trick only works if ...


Permatime is a nice little site that sets up a URL for your event time and displays it in the viewers local time. e.g. The 2010 World Cup Final in Johannesburg, South Africa.


To do this: Add a Price field to your form called Delivery Fee. Under the Show This Field option, set the field to only appear when a customer selects Delivery from your Choice field: Add an Order Total field (if you don't have one already). You can calculate an order total from repeating sections by summing the Item Total from each section: =MyOrder....


Google calculator will automatically show up and work when you search valid calculation syntax. eg. 2+2= If it isn't appearing when you make a mathematical search, you may be entering your syntax invalidly. See for more details. Were you talking about something else which you knew as Google ...


Actually, Gmail filters don't offer much customization or flexibility. I don't think you will be able to run some calculation with your filters. Yet, you can use Gmail Stats to perform some calculations on your Gmail inbox. See Google System article on this issue.

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